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The true heart and soul of the restaurant. He has been a great pizzaiolo at Club Marthas. In 2012, he decided to open his own restaurant in cala Egos and two years later he moved to cala d'Or in order to expand and open his new restaurant. For the past few years he's been taking care of the management of the restaurant, of the clients and the dishes are prepared under his supervision


Welcoming and friendly. He started working at Club Marthas as a waiter. He takes care of the clients and he meets every customer's need, from the beginning till the end of the meal.


Friendly and smiling. When he works he never fails. He grew up with a background of Mediterranean cuisine, he enriched it and he expanded its range of flavours in order to create a unique style. He manages the kitchen with passion and love, serving delicious dishes.


Attentive and educate. Stefano is a young pizzaiolo that really likes his job and that makes pizzas with love. He always wants to reach the perfection and he tries to improve himself everyday.

History of the restaurant

In 2006, Marcello, a sicilian “Pizzaiolo”, moved to Palma de Mallorca…